Will a Car Wrap Damage the Paint on My Vehicle?

30 August 2019
By : Tan Very Irawan

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This short article is made based on our experience in order to help customers who questioned about general stickers being applied on paint surfaces, especially on cars. Certainly a simple answer for above question is: A Vehicle Wrap Will Not Damage Factory or High Quality Paint. (Scott, 2017)

“But what if there is Poor Quality Paint on My Vehicle?” some customers asked.
We understand that not every vehicle to be wrapped is coming directly from the factory. Many cars being used are of older or re-purposed vehicles as an economical choice for their fleet, in which usually surface has been repainted before. Certainly this is not uncommon at all. But need to note that wrapping vehicle with ‘re-painted’ paint will most likely to have a paint damage when removed. So prior to wrapping any vehicle, it is best to check and notify the car owner about it, so that the owner can decide before committing to a vehicle wrap and not later surprised with the result after removal. (Scott, 2017)

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In order to avoid any unlikely condition due to car wrap, please note on important conditions below for a clean damage free wrap removal:
• Use only material vinyl sticker from trusted brand
• Look for vinyl sticker with removable adhesive for a better removal in terms of adhesive residue.
• Surface must be factory paint or better

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